25 Sewing Patterns That Use 1/2 Metre or Less of Fabric

 25 Sewing Patterns That Use 1/2 a metre or less of fabric

Our first round-up post of patterns that use 1 metre or less of fabric has been so popular that I thought I would follow up with a second post. This time we are focusing on patterns that work with the shortest remnant pieces that can be found in our bolt ends section. So, if you've ever wondered what you could possibly make with less than 1/2 metre of fabric, this post is for you!

Bag Patterns that use 1/2 metre or less of fabric

1. Seamwork Rey Belt Bag - main fabric requirements: 30cm - 50cm

2. Merchant & Mills Field Beltmain fabric requirements: 80 x 30cm

3. Waves and Wild Cool Time Large Lunch Bagmain fabric requirements: 40cm

4. Merchant & Mills Factotum Bagmain fabric requirements: 45cm

5. Klum House Woodland Dopp Kit - main fabric requirements: 45cm

Hat patterns that use 1/2 metre or less of fabric

6. Patterns Room Ilios Sun Hat - main fabric requirements: 45cm

7. Melilot Mini Harald Beanie - main fabric requirements: 50 x 50cm 

8. WISJ Jua Cap - main fabric requirements: 20cm - 25cm

Hair Accessory Patterns that use 1/2 metre or less of fabric

9. Seamwork Drew Headband - main fabric requirements: 50cm

10. Opian Surimani Turban - main fabric requirements: 30cm

11. See Kate Sew Scrunchies - main fabric requirements: 23cm

Underwear Patterns that use 1/2 metre or less of fabric

12. Ikatee Belle Underwear - main fabric requirements: adult - 25cm to 30cm // kids - 25cm x 55cm to 30cm x 75cm

13. Tilly and the Buttons Iris Knickers - main fabric requirements: 50cm

14. Seamwork Fable Underwear - main fabric requirements: 30cm to 60cm

15. Seamwork Robin Bra - main fabric requirements: 20cm to 50cm

16. Emerald Erin Jordy Bralette - main fabric requirements: 25cm

Kid and baby clothes patterns that use 1/2 metre or less of fabric

17. Wiksten Bloomers - main fabric requirements: 34cm to 50cm

18. Lowland Kids Pocket Shorties - main fabric requirements: 45cm

19. Ikatee Sydney Romper (tank version) - main fabric requirements: 40cm to 55cm

20. Below the Kowhai Rawe Top (size 1 to 6) - main fabric requirements: 50cm

Scrap busting colour blocked patterns

21. Blueprint for Sewing Saltbox Top - 50cm for contrasting pieces

22. Lowland Kids Rainbow Dolman - large/small scraps for rainbow pieces

23. Blueprint for Sewing Geodesic Sweatshirt - front and back can be made from knit scraps/bolt ends under 50cm

24. Seamwork Katiusca Top - 30 to 70cm for the contrasting band

25. Oliver and S Ice Cream Dress Pattern - 25cm to 75cm for contrasting fabrics