Our Favourite Sewing Patterns for Babies and Kids

 Favourite Patterns for Babies and Kids Title Card

Whether you're sewing for your own kids, your grandkids, your friends' kids, or your nieces and nephews, finding great patterns for the little ones can sometimes be a challenge. Since I've done my fair share of sewing for my own daughter, I thought I would share some of my personal favourite patterns as well some patterns I'm looking forward to making, in case anyone is in need of some inspiration!

Tried, Tested, and True Patterns

These are all patterns that I have personally made (some of them many times) and absolutely love.

Wiksten Baby Harem Pants

Wiksten Harem Pants - 0 months to 3 years

If you've been following me for a while, you already know that I love this pattern. It's perfect for beginner sewists and for new moms with very little time or energy to sew. I made a ton of these pants for my daughter when she was a baby and even though she no longer fits into them I have continued to make them for my niece and my friends' babies every chance I get; so when I say I love this pattern, I really mean it. 


True Bias Mini Hudson Pants

True Bias Mini Hudson Pants - 2T to 10 years

Once my daughter grew out of the Wiksten Harem pants the Mini Hudson Pants from True Bias quickly became my go-to pattern. They're super quick and easy to whip up, and perfect for even the most active kiddo. 


Iris May Josephine Cardigan

Iris May Josephine Cardigan - 2 years to 14 years

When this pattern popped up on my instagram feed, it was love at first sight! I chose to make the simplest version without buttons and rolled up sleeves, but I can't wait to play around with all the different variations that are available with this pattern.


WISJ Sien Dress

WISJ Sien Dress - 18 months to 6 years

My daughter loves to wear dresses, but she is also a super active, rough and tumble 4 year old. I searched high and low for the perfect casual dress pattern, but everything I found seemed overly fussy for my needs. Just when I thought I would never find what I was looking for I stumbled upon this free Sien pattern and it was everything I wanted. You can read my full review of the pattern here.


Wiksten Smock Top and Dress

Wiksten Smock - 6 months to 5/6 years

As far as dress patterns for woven fabrics go, this is, hands down, my favourite so far. It's a little more involved than the Sien Dress, but still fairly simple and unfussy. For me, the best feature of this dress (and the top) is the large pockets which are perfect for my rock and stick collecting daughter.


New Patterns Currently in the Sewing Queue

I haven't made any of these patterns yet so I can't give them a review, but they have all been purchased and added to the sewing queue!

Ikatee Brooklyn Jumpsuit

Ikatee Brooklyn Jumpsuit - 3 years to 12 years

Because babies and little kids grow out of clothes so quickly I usually stick to patterns that aren't too involved or time consuming. Now that my daughter is getting older and clothes last a little longer, however, I feel ready to tackle some larger, more complicated projects, like this jumpsuit from Ikatee. I think it looks super cute and will be just challenging enough without being too difficult for my current skill level.


Ikatee Milano Dress

Ikatee Milano Dress - 6 months to 4 years / 3 years to 12 years

I originally purchased this pattern to make for my 6 month old niece, but when my daughter saw the pattern she asked me to make one for her as well; so it looks like I'll be trying this pattern out in both size ranges. 


Iris May Tintin Shorts

Iris May TinTin Trousers - 18 months to 13 years

While I love the Hudson Pants, I've been looking for a pair of woven pants to make for my daughter and I finally settled on these TinTin trousers from Iris May. Just like the Josephine cardigan - also from Iris May - the trouser pattern comes with a myriad of variations to choose from.


Patterns I'm Most Excited to Try in the Future

And last, but not least, here are a few patterns I haven't made or purchased yet, but am curious to try in the future.

Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweater

Megan Nielsen Mini Jarrah Sweatshirt - 3 years to 12 years

With Fall just around the corner, I have a feeling this sweatshirt might finds its way into the sewing queue sooner rather than later.


Pauline Alice Mini Collection

Pauline Alice Baby/Child Mini Collection - 3 months to 3 years

My daughter grew out of this collection before I discovered it, but now that I have my niece to sew for I just might have to give these three patterns a try. 


Line, Wool, Cotton Kids

Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids by Akiko Mano - 4 years to 7 years

I actually do own this book and it is full of adorable pieces; I just can't decide which one to make first!