My Make Nine Pattern Picks for 2020

Make Nine Title Card

It's a new year, and while I don't generally make resolutions, I have set an intention for the year to challenge myself more. One of the ways I want to do that is to sew more and improve my sewing skills. These days I mostly sew for my daughter, but this year I would like to sew more for myself. To keep on track with that goal I thought I would take a crack at the Make Nine sewing challenge. As a rather slow sewist with very little spare time I will be very surprised if I accomplish all 9 of these makes, but I figure it will still be fun to try! So without further ado, here are my Make Nine picks for 2020:

 Make Nine Collage

1. Estuary Skirt in Copper Silk Noil

To be honest, this is the only project that am 100% confident that I will complete; and that's only because I'm in the middle of doing so right now. I'm using our copper silk noil fabric and I am so excited for the finished result.

2. Ready to Sew Jamie Cardigan in Mind the Maker Chevron Quilt Bordeaux

I love wearing cardigans, but have had a lot of trouble finding a pattern that I like. I'm really intrigued by the Ready to Sew Jamie Cardigan and I think it will look great in our Mind the Maker Chevron Quilt Bordeaux fabric.

3. Sew North Cedar Sweater in Lebenskleidung Navy Corduroy Sweat 

I was very excited when this pattern was recently released and knew instantly that I wanted to make one up in our Lebenskleidung Navy Corduroy Sweat. The only question is: will I actually finish it in time to wear it this winter or will I have to wait until fall? Who am I kidding, the answer is most certainly the fall. 

4. Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Dungarees in Merchant & Mills Scuttle Black Linen

These dungarees have been on my list since last spring, but life happened and the dungarees did not. I have my linen all washed and ready to go, however, and I am determined to get these done in time to be a comfy spring/summer staple for me.

5. nani IRO Everyday Jumpsuit or the Assembly line V-Neck Jumpsuit in Black Silk Noil

I love the simplicity of both of these jumpsuits and I'm having a very hard time choosing between them. I'm hoping that when sewn up in our black silk noil whichever one I choose will be an elegant yet comfortable piece that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

6. Colette Aster Top

This is another pattern that I've had forever, but I have yet to find the perfect fabric for it. Maybe this year will be the year!

7. Closet Case Cielo Top 

I love a good boxy top (and an easy sew) and I'm thinking about doing this one up in a nice white linen or our ivory silk noil (because clearly I'm obsessed with this fabric). 

8. Merchant & Mills Dress Shirt

If you haven't guessed already, I like my clothes to be loose and comfortable. I also don't want to look like I'm wearing a sack, which is why I'm really drawn to the Merchant & Mills Dress shirt. It looks loose and comfortable, but also has a nice shape to it.

9. A Light Jacket

I can't decide if I want to make another Wiksten Haori (this time unlined and the long version) or try a pattern I've never made like the Julien Chore Jacket. Decisions, decisions! But in all seriousness, if I manage to make it to this last project, I will be shocked.

And there you have it, my Make Nine picks for 2020. I'll be posting my finished makes on instagram so stay tuned to see how I do!