25 Patterns That Use 1 Metre or Less of Fabric

Pattern Round up card

Have you ever wondered what you can make with the short pieces of fabric in our bolt ends section? Or ended up with a bunch of leftover fabric after cutting out your pattern that you don't know what to do with? Well this post is just for you! Here are 25 different patterns that use roughly a metre (sometimes a little more) or less of fabric.

Women's Top patterns Clockwise from Top Left: Molly Asymmetric Top; Saltbox Tee; Anita Top

1. Molly Asymmetric Top from Workshop  - main fabric requirements: 60 - 100cm 

2. Jily Tank Top from Ready to Sew - main fabric Requirements: 80 - 100cm 

3. Wanderer Tank by Friday Pattern Co. - main fabric requirements: 50 - 70cm

4. Gyo Top from Merchant & Mills - main fabric requirements: 75 - 135cm 

5. Peggy Top from Workshop - main fabric requirements: 55 - 95cm 

6. Saltbox Tee from Blueprints for Sewing - main fabric requirements: 50 - 100cm 

7. Anita Top from Republique du Chiffon - main fabric requirements: 90cm

8. Lyra Top from Afternoon Patterns - main fabric requirements: 80 - 100cm

9. Victory Tank Top from Chalk and Notch - main fabric requirements: 80 - 140cm

10. Wattlebird Cami/Dress from Common Stitch - main fabric requirements: 100cm (for the dress)

Women's Shorts and Skirt PatternsClockwise from Left: Moss Skirt; Malo Skirt; Nantucket Shorts; Bellbird Shorts; Denim Button-Up Skirt

11. Bellbird Shorts from Common Stitch - main fabric requirements: 80 -100cm 

12. Nantucket Shorts from Seamwork - main fabric requirements: 80 -137cm 

13. Denim Button-Up Skirt from Anna Allen - main fabric requirements: 91 -114cm 

14. Moss Skirt from Grainline Studios (view A) - main fabric requirements: 91 -122cm 

15. Malo Skirt from I AM Patterns - main fabric requirements: 66cm 

16. City Gym Shorts from Purl Soho main fabric requirements: 46cm 

17. Harper Shorts from Megan Nielsen - main fabric requirements: 100 - 150cm 

Bag PatternsClockwise from Left: Tsuno Tie Bag; Genoa Tote; Stowe Bag

18. Genoa Tote from Pattern Fantastique - main fabric requirements: small 75 x 50 cm; medium 95 x 60cm; large 110 x 70cm

19. Madrid Bag from Seamwork main fabric requirements: 30cm

20. Small Stowe Bag from Grainline Studios - main fabric requirements: 80cm

21. Tsuno Tie Bag from Charlotte Kan - main fabric requirements: Depends on size

Accessories PatternsClockwise from Top Left: Hedda Headband; Sulis Sun Hat; Bucket Hat

22. Men's Tie from Purl Soho - main fabric requirements: 68cm

23. Hedda Headband from Melilot - main fabric requirements: 15cm

24. Sulis Sun Hat from Pattern Fantastique - main fabric requirements: 55 - 70cm

25. Bucket Hat from Afternoon Patterns - main fabric requirements: 35cm

To discover what you can make with 1/2 metre or less of fabric, check out our follow-up post here. And don't forget to check out all our available remnants in our Bolt Ends Section.