10 Low Stress Sewing Patterns and Projects

 Low Stress Sewing Projects

I think we can all agree that these are stressful times. While some choose to dive head first into challenging new projects in order to ease their anxiety, others - myself included - crave a little distraction that doesn't require quite as much from us. Personally, the thought of tackling anything even remotely difficult has been simply too stressful. Recently, however, I've started easing myself back into my sewing practise again and have been finding some relief in accomplishing simple projects. So, if you're like me and need some low stress distraction, I've rounded up 10 fun and easy patterns and projects to help get us through these uncertain times.

For when you need a new Stay-at-Home Wardrobe

Wide leg pant patterns

1. Elastic Waisted Pants (that aren't sweat pants)

I know most of us have been living in sweatpants for the last few weeks, but maybe it's time we switched things up? These Ninni Culottes from Named Clothing are the definition of #secretpyjamas - they have all the comfort of sweats (hello elastic waistband!), but you'll look like you actually made an effort. Seamwork also just came out with the Joss Pants - another elastic waisted wide-legged pant - that's super beginner friendly and easy to sew.


Lou box top, Cielo Top, and Essential linen tank

2. An Easy-Wearing Boxy Top

When spending all day at home who wants to fuss with fitted shirts and pesky buttons? Boxy tops are your new best friends and The Lou Box Top from Sew DIY is just about the easiest, quickest and low stress one you can possibly make. With a variety of hem and neckline options it's also a versatile pattern. For a slightly more challenging make (this one has set sleeves) the Cielo Top from Closet Case Patterns is another great option. And if you're looking for a sleeveless tank, it doesn't get easier than this free Phoebe Tank pattern.


Crossback Aprons

3. Cross Back Apron

If you've recently joined the ranks of stress-bakers out there, first of all, welcome! Secondly, you're going to need a proper apron now. I am a huge fan of the cross back style and there are several free patterns available out there including this one from Cami Made and this one from Purl Soho.


For When You Need Some Hygge in your Life

DIY Felt Slippers

4. A Cozy Pair of Felt Slippers

Slippers are never a bad idea, and these Stacked Felt Slippers - another free pattern from Purl Soho - are squishy and soft and simple to make; no sewing machine required!


DIY Lap Blankets

5. A Simple Lap Duvet

We're all spending a lot of nights on the couch these days and a cozy blanket makes those nights in with Netflix just that much better. There are lots of simple blanket and whole cloth quilt tutorials out there to choose from, but the simplest, and the one that keeps popping up most frequently, is this pretty Lap Duvet.


DIY Fabric Baskets

6. Simple Storage Bucket

A tidy and organized house goes a long way in creating a sense of comfort and calm. To keep your clutter contained and projects organized, a simple fabric storage bucket will do the trick nicely (and it's a great way to use up some of those smaller pieces of leftover fabric).


For When you Have Little Kids or Just Need a Dose of Cute in Your Life

Wiksten Harem Pants

7. Wiksten Harem Baby/Toddler Pants

This is, hands down, my favourite low-stress sewing pattern for babies/toddlers. They are so fast and easy to make and with beautiful french seams they look so good inside and out. 


DIY Bunny Bonnet

8. See Kate Sew Bunny Bonnet

Easter is only a few days away, but you still have time to whip up this adorable bunny bonnet. It's so cute, how can you even resist?!? 


For When You Need to Keep your Hands Busy to Stop you From Constantly Reading the News on Your Phone

Suzy Quilts Mini Quilt Patterns

9.  Small Hand Quilting/Stitching Projects

Hand quilting and stitching is a quiet meditative activity that really appeals to me right now. The slow pace and methodical practice seem quite soothing. There are lots of hand quilting resources and tutorials online to help get you started, including these ones from Bluprint, Martha Stewart, and Suzy Quilts; and if you really want to dive into hand quilting, Suzy Quilts offers these mini quilt patterns that would be perfect for beginners.  


friendship bracelets

10. Friendship Bracelets

This is technically not a sewing project, but it includes thread (ok, technically embroidery floss) so it still counts right? Maybe it seems a bit like a silly project, but I think the idea of friendship bracelets is sweet. And it's an easy project you can do with your kids or by yourself to send to those that you love and miss.