The 2020 Handmade Gift Guide: Non-Humans

Handmade Gift Guide: Pets

Now that we've covered handmade gifts the little ones and the big ones in your life, it's time we get to the real MVPs on your list this year: your pets! Over the past 9 months they have been our constant companions and a comfort to many as we've navigated lockdowns, social distancing, and working from home; I think that makes them more than deserving of a little extra love this holiday season, don't you? So here are a few gift ideas for all the good dogs and cats out there.

1. A Nice Comfy Pet Bed

Some pets have loved every second of having their humans at home all the time while others have simply tolerated it (I'm looking at you, cats). Either way, when the world returns to some semblance of normal and we all head back out into the world again our pets are going to need a comfy place to sleep once our laps are no longer an option all day. Dog beds come in all different shapes and sizes, but if your dog prefers to sleep under the covers like my dog does then the Burrow Dog Bed from Lia Griffith is definitely the way to go. And as for those cats why not give them their own hammock so they lounge around like the true queens that they are.

DIY Pet BedsClockwise from top left: 2 Hour Pet Bed from All Free Sewing // Cat Bed from See Kate Sew // Burrow Dog Bed from Lia Griffith // Cat Hammock from Hunker // Dog Bed From Design Sponge

2. Clothes to Keep Them Warm and Looking Stylish

I have only included dog clothes in this section, because let's face it, we both know your cat is having none of it. This winter keep your pooches warm and dry with a cute upcycled dog sweater, a cozy coat for long walks, and leather booties to protect their paws. 

DIY Pet ClothesClockwise from left: Dog Coat from Wholefully // Water Resistant Dog Coat from Martha Stewart // Easy Dog Bandana Collar from Spoonflower // Leather Dog Booties from Martha Stewart // Upcycled Dog Sweater from See Kate Sew

 3. Toys, Because That's All They Want Anyways

If we're being honest, the only thing your pets really want for Christmas, or ever really, are treats and squeaky toys. There are tons of DIY pet toy tutorials out there, but these are some of my favourites. I mean, what cat wouldn't love a toy that looks like sushi (as long as it's filled with catnip, of course)?

DIY Pet ToysClockwise from top left: Catnip Mouse from Spruce Crafts // Pizza Dog toy from Dalmatian DIY // Sushi Cat Toy from Lia Griffith // No Stuffing Bunny Dog Toy from Lia Griffith // Squeaky Dog Bone from Better Homes and Gardens