BOLT END | nani IRO After the Rain Double Gauze - D - 53cm

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"The beauty we see after the rain.
Greenery, earth, water and flowers all shine
And, at some point, a rainbow appears
After the rain, the world leisurely enjoys the moment" - Naomi Ito

From nani IRO's 2021 collection this beautiful double gauze features an abstract design in neutral off-white and beige tones inspired by the beauty in nature after the rain. Subtle metallic accents and small pops of colour make this fabric a true work of art. Made from 100% cotton double gauze it is an incredibly lightweight, soft, and breathable fabric.

Width: 106cm/41"
Weight: 140 gsm
Content: 100% cotton
Opacity: Semi-Opaque
Drape: Moderate
Perfect for: Tops, Skirts, Dresses, and Sleepwear

Special Instructions: Cold wash, delicate. Lay flat or tumble dry with low heat

Country of Origin: Japan

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