Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills Yarmouth 8oz. Denim - 1/2 metre

$13.00 USD

This super soft and fluid lightweight deadstock denim from Italy features a medium blue wash and a small amount of stretch. A versatile cloth, it would be perfect for spring/summer jeans and trousers, shorts, jumpsuits, and structured skirts and dresses

Please note, that this fabric will fade over time, so avoid storing or drying it in direct sunlight.

Recommended Patterns: Fibre Mood Freja TrousersSeamwork Knox DressAnna Allen Pomona Pants and ShortsModern Sewing Co. Jesse JumpsuitHelen's Closet Yanta OverallsCommon Stitch Bottlebrush SkirtPapercut Tula Pants and Shorts


NOTE: Fabric is sold in 1/2 metre increments and cut in one continuous piece directly from the bolt (example: ordering 3 quantities = one 1.5 metre piece of fabric)

Width: 150cm/59"
Weight: 270gsm
Content: 97% Cotton; 3% Elastane
Opacity: Opaque
Drape: Full
Stretch: 2-way; 10% across the grain
Perfect for: Pants and shorts, jumpsuits and dungarees, structured skirts and dresses

Wash at 30 degrees

Country of Origin: Italy
Certifications and Eco Credentials: Deadstock

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