Pigeon Wishes

Pigeon Wishes Plume Feather Buttons - 25mm

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Simple but striking, this marbled resin button has an irregular, round shape and slightly concave surface made with a beautiful combination of neutral tones. These buttons are lightweight yet tough with a glossy, smooth texture. Each button is completely unique with a slightly different pattern and appearance.

At 25mm these buttons are ideal for jackets and coats, but could also be used for dresses and skirt where large decorative buttons are desired.

Colour: Composite (neutral tones)
Content: Resin
Width: 25mm
Style: 4 hole
Uses: Jackets, Coats, Dresses
Special Instructions: Machine washable and dry cleanable  

NOTE: Buttons are sold individually.
NOTE: Buttons are sold individually

Colour: Composite (neutral tones)
Content: Resin
Width: 25mm
Style: 4 hole
Uses: Jackets, Coats, Dresses

Machine washable and dry cleanable

Eco-Credentials: Bio resin buttons made of natural cotton pulp or wood pulp and eco-friendly dyes.

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