Tauko Magazine - Issue no. 3

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Issue No. 3 of Tauko Magazine focuses on the value of vintage pieces bringing new perspectives and ideas. It features 12 fabulous sewing patterns. The timeless designs created by international designers are treasured as the future heirlooms, pieces to cherish for generations to come. Making use of soft linen, silk, jersey and denim, the boiler suits, tops and dresses come with many variations for differently skilled sewists. All patterns come in 9 sizes from bust width 31” / 78cm to 57.5” / 146cm. 

Number of Pages: 128
Number Of Patterns: 12
Number of Pattern Sheets: 4
Size of Magazine: 27.5cm x 21.5cm
Patterns: SWING Dress, MÉLISSE Dress, LILA Dress/Blouse, RIKA Jumpsuit, VIOLET Dress/Blouse, HADAL Lounge Set (Briefs and Swing Top), MALLOW Sweater, PANEL Trousers, MIRA Bag, HELMI Blouse, UNIFORM Dress

Printed in: Estonia

TAUKO Magazine is a pioneering independent print publication for home sewists and fashion and culture lovers, who have a big heart for the planet. It has its headquarters in Helsinki and Berlin and is founded and published by art researchers, fashion designers, makers, and passionate fighters for planetary wellbeing, Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio. Its international network of contributors, designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators share the need to bring mindful and beautiful work to the world.

Each issue features more than 10 sewing pattern designs created by celebrities and newcomers from the sewing community. A carefully curated selection makes design clothing accessible to anyone willing to try out sewing and learn new skills. With actual-size paper patterns, easy guidelines, agile images, and illustrations, we wish to make the sewing experience empowering, exciting and fun. The vast horizon of crafts, culture, and climate is featured in interviews, columns, articles, tips, and recommendations by our international contributors.

TAUKO stands for a break or a pause in Finnish. It describes a strong, silent, and still movement that is almost impossible to notice.

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